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Abba (Arms of a Father)

Abba (Arms of a Father)
Beautiful Surrender

Verse 1
B♭You’re more real than the ground I’m standing oE♭n
B♭You’re more real than the wind in my luE♭ngs

Pre chorus
B♭Your thoughts define me
B♭ /DYou’re inside me
E♭You’re my reality

B♭Abba,B♭ /DI belong to E♭YouB♭ /D     Cm

Verse 2
B♭You’re closer than the skin on my bonE♭es
B♭You’re closer than the song on my tonE♭gue

CmYou came runGmning down my prFodigal road
CmYou came runGmning with a rFing and a robe
CmGrace is the colliGmsion on the wFay back home
E♭With the arms of a Father who wCmon’t let go