The War Is Over

Verse 1
BmThere is a moGuntain in betwD /F#een
What You haveA said and what I sBmee
Standing befGore this offerD /F#ing
My failing hAeart will fight to beliGeve

On this Bmaltar, on this rAoad
You have cEalled me from my hGome
The weight I cBmarry is not my oAwn
Spirit mEove this heart of stGone
How can I Bmwalk in my new nDame
Father of mEany, the promise You gGave
On this Bmaltar, on this rAoad
I lay dEown my flesh and bGones(   D /F#     To     The     Bridge   )

Verse 2
BmHere on this mGountain I have cliD /F#mbed
Wrestling dAoubts that flood my Bmmind
When ashes and dGust are all that remainD /F#
Will hope for the wAorld still come from my vGeins

D /F#I will Gsing out unAtil I beliBmeve now
You’re D /F#faithful to cGarry mAe    (  G    Last     Time     To     Chorus   )