Always Good
Revival's In The Air

Verse 1

You meet me on the mountain top

You see in me in the valley low

There is no home without You here


Verse 2

I find You in the crowded thoughts

You quiet all the question marks

There is no space Your love won’t fill


Pre Chorus 1

I’ll trade all my fear for peace of mind

All my heaviness for burdens light



This will be my song

That You are always good

I’ll sing it all day long

That You are always good

When the day is through

I am left with

You are always

You are always good


Verse 3

I’ll set my eyes on perfect faith

You’ll finish what You start in me

My heart will be an offering



Every melody

You’re singing back to me

You’re singing back


Pre Chorus 2

I traded all my fear for peace of mind

You took heaviness, my burden’s light


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