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One Thing Remains

One Thing Remains
Be Lifted High

Key of A


D A E Bm7 D A E

Verse 1

DHigher than the Amountains that I Eface
DStronger than the Apower of the Egrave
DConstant in the Atrial and the Echange
One D Athing…Eremains (repeat)


Your F#mlove never fails, Dnever gives up
ANever runs out on Eme (3x)

Verse 2

DOn and on and Aon and on it Egoes
It Doverwhelms and Asatisfies my Esoul
And I Dnever, ever, Ahave to be Eafraid
One D Athing Eremains (repeat)


In Ddeath, in Alife, I’m Econfident and
Bm7covered by, the Dpower of AYour great Elove
My Ddebt is Apaid, there’s Enothing that
Can Bm7separate my Dheart from AYour great Elove