One Thirst
Steffany Gretzinger, Jeremy Riddle
Be Lifted High

Verse 1:

B♭You say to E♭us, “Seek My Face”
B♭Our hearts E♭reply, “Your Face we G#mseek”E♭
B♭Come teach us E♭Lord, reveal Your B♭ways,
B♭Anoint us E♭for, the greater G#mthingsE♭


B♭We have gathered with E♭one thirst and hunger
B♭Here to drink of E♭glory and wonder
G#mHere to cry out, “E♭Come and fill this G#mplace!”

Verse 2:

Our single wish, our sole desire
To gaze upon, Your beauty God
We will not rest, nor will we cease
Till with our eyes, Your face we see


B♭We wait for you to E♭come and show
Your G#mglory here E♭today


B♭ F G#m E♭
We wait for You…

Hallelujah, Come (repeat)