Beautiful Jesus
Beautiful Surrender

Verse 1
FHey Jesus, Dmwon’t You come andF /CdressF /Ame in Your thB♭oughts
FPick out YourDm favorite ones I’m holF /Cding outF /Amy heaB♭rt
You cDmover gray, Cempty space withF /Acolor from Your weB♭ll
FDeep love is poDmuring out and fiF /CllingF /Aup my shB♭ell

FBeautiful Jesus, GmMy glorious friend
F /AThe One who never grows weary and sB♭tays till the end
FOh how I love You, IGmcannot begin to say
F /AAll of the reasons that I lB♭ove to sing Your name

Verse 2
FHoly Spirit, Dmwon’t You come and coverF /Cme in liF /Aght  B♭
FIlluminate theDm dark space with colorF /CyellowF /Abright  B♭
DmLike the stars cComing out and fillF /Aing up my nightB♭
FThe glory of Your pDmromises, F /CYou make wF /Arong things righB♭t
DmYou make wF /Arong things riB♭ght

COh, how I love YouF
Oh, how I love YouGm
Oh, how I love YouF /A

FI love You, Gmno one’s like You
F /AKeeper of my heart
Beautiful JeB♭sus