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Beautiful Surrender

Beautiful Surrender
Beautiful Surrender

Verse 1
You are E♭Jesus, Son of God, Son of B♭Man
I call You SE♭avior, with nail scarred hB♭ands
You will be my E♭sun in the morning lB♭ight
Bringing redeE♭mption to my dark niB♭ght

Beautiful SurE♭render is where I wanna bB♭e
Locked into Your aE♭rms, for all eternitB♭y
Come and take my hE♭and, You can lead me where You pleB♭ase
That Beautiful SE♭urrender is chasing after me(  B♭  )

Verse 2
I am belE♭oved, full of faith, standing tall  B♭
Confident and brE♭ave, ready to fall B♭
Into Your liE♭ght, You are the voice that callB♭s
With no reservaE♭tion, I surrender aB♭ll

GmI surFrender aB♭ll my Cmheart and E♭soul to FYou my loB♭ve   B♭ /D