Catch The Wind
Beautiful Surrender

Verse 1
I am sEtrong and full of life
I am sEteadfast, no compromise
I lift my sEails to the sky
I’m gonna catch theC#mwind, I’m gonna catch the wBind

Verse 2
I am bEold, no fear inside
Spread my wEings, open my life
Like an eEagle, whose home is the sky
I’m gonna catch the C#mwind, I’m gonna catch the wBind

Your faitEhfulness will Anever let me downE /G#    A
I’m Econfident I’ll sAee Your goodness nowE /G#    A
I kEnow You hear my Aheart, I’m singing E /G#out A
There’s nBothing that can stC#mop Your gooG#mdness nAow

Like F#mstanding on the edC#mge of a mBountainside
I can F#mfeel the wind stirC#mring, lifting mBe up high
I was F#mborn into freeC#mdom, I was mBade to fly