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One Thing Remains

One Thing Remains
Bethel Music Kids
Bethel Music Kids: Come Alive

Key of E♭


A♭ E♭ B♭ Fm A♭ E♭ B♭


A♭Higher than the E♭mountains that I B♭face
A♭Stronger than the E♭power of the B♭grave
A♭Constant in the E♭trial and the B♭change
One A♭ E♭thing B♭remains


Your Cmlove never fails, A♭never gives up
E♭never runs out on B♭me

Verse 2

A♭On and on and E♭on and on it B♭goes
It A♭overwhelms and E♭satisfies my B♭soul
And I A♭never, ever, E♭have to be B♭afraid
One A♭ E♭thing B♭remains (repeat)


In A♭death, In E♭life, I’m B♭confident and
FmCovered by, the A♭power of E♭Your great B♭love
My A♭debt is E♭paid, there’s B♭nothing that
Can Fmseparate my A♭heart from E♭Your great B♭love