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This Is What You Do

This Is What You Do
Bethel Music Kids
Bethel Music Kids: Come Alive

Key of E


E/G# A B

Verse 1

It’s always like C#mspringtime with AYou
Making Eall things Bnew
Your light is C#mbreaking Athrough the Edark B
This love it is C#msweeter than Awine
Bringing Ejoy, bringing Blife
Your hope is C#mrising Alike the Edawn B


E /G#This is what You do
AThis is what You Gdo
You make me come alive

Bridge 1

AYou make me come Balive
You make me come Aalive
You make me come Balive


F#m E/G# A B

Bridge 2

It’s like I’m E /G#living for the first timeA
Finally Bliving for the first time