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Come Out of that Grave (Resurrection Power)

Come Out of that Grave (Resurrection Power)
Brandon Lake
Revival's In The Air

Verse 1

There’s a sling in my voice

And a stone in my praise

Pushing back when the darkest weapons form

There’s a power on my lips

Even death can’t defy

When the name of our God is lifted high



‘Cause there is resurrection power

When we sing the name of Jesus

Resurrection power

When we raise a mighty sound

So come on let the praise get loud

Make that empty grave resound

‘Cause there is resurrection power

In His name


Verse 2

There are days I have seen

Filled with heartache and loss

That have buried my heart beneath the weight

But every time His praise breaks out

Dead things rise up from the ground

I won’t leave my song inside that empty grave



Dead man come out of that grave

Come out of that grave when we sing

Captives let go of those chains

Let go of those chains when we praise


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