To Our God
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Key of A


F Am C F Am G

Verse 1

AmUp from the Fashes Your love has Cbrought us
Out of the Gdarkness into the Amlight
Lifting our Fsorrows
Bearing our Cburdens healing our Ghearts


AmTo our God we lift up one voice
FTo our God we lift up one song
CTo our God we lift up one voice
GSinging Hallelujah

Verse 2

AmChains have been Fbroken eyes have been Copened
An army of Gdry bones is starting Amrise
Death is Fdefeated
We are Cvictorious for You are Galive

FHallelujah GHallelujah (repeat)


We’ll make His Ampraise Fglorious Cglorious, Gglorious
For His Amname is Fglorious, Cglorious, Gglorious
Make His Ampraise Fglorious, Cglorious, Gglorious
Shout His Amname FGlorious, CGlorious, GGlorious