First Love
Beautiful Surrender

Verse 1
IfB♭moceans wereD♭ /Ffilled with iG♭nk
And theB♭msky wereD♭ /Fa blank G♭page
Still IB♭mwould runD♭ /Fout of spG♭ace
ToB♭mtell of allG♭ this loveD♭

ForeG♭ver will never be loD♭ng enough
To coG♭me to the end of an endlD♭ess love
I pG♭our out my soA♭ngs like the oilB♭mfrom the wA♭idow’s jG♭ar
It’ll never run dA♭ry (second time only)

Verse 2
If evB♭mery leafD♭ /Fon the treG♭es
Were the noB♭mtes of a syD♭ /Fmphony G♭
Than evB♭mery seD♭ /Fason would bG♭ring
New soB♭mngs the wG♭ind would sD♭ing

D♭All the way back, allA♭ /Cthe way back, allB♭mthe way back
To my fG♭irst loA♭ve   D♭
D♭I am fallingA♭ /CintoB♭mmy firG♭st loA♭ve (sD♭econd time only)

Verse 3
I thoB♭mught I D♭ /Fhad to be stG♭rong
To soB♭mmehow eaD♭ /Frn this loG♭ve
But the trG♭uth has beA♭en all aloB♭mng
I oA♭nly have to fG♭all   A♭
I wanna fG♭all   A♭

First Love Spontaneous
(   B♭m D♭ /F     G♭  )
Face to face, there’s nothing separating us
There’s no sin, there’s no shame, all the way back to the Father
Face to face, falling in
I surrender all again
I fall back into Your arms
I feel Your heart beating against me
Face to face, there’s no space between us
Through the blood, through the water, through the grace
I come back to the Father
Through the blood, through the water, I’m born again, I’m falling in
Everything I lost in the garden, I find again in the Father
Everything I gave away, grace returns to me today