For the One
After All These Years

Verse 1
Let me be Dfilled
With Gkindness and Acompassion for the Done
The Gone for whom You A /C#loved and gave Your BmSon
For hGumanityA increase my Dlove

Help me to Glove with open Aarms like You Ddo
A love that Gerases all the Alines and sees the Dtruth
Oh that when Gthey look in my Aeyes they would see BmYou
Even in just a Gsmile they would Afeel the Father’s Dlove

Verse 2
Oh how You Dlove us
From the Ghomeless to the Afamous and in-betDween
You Gformed us, You A /C#made us carefullyBm
‘CauseD /F#in the Gend, wAe’re all Your chilDdren

Let Aall my lifeD /F#tell of who You Gare
And the Awonder of Your D /F#never-ending Glove
Let Aall my life D /F#tell of who you Gare
You’re wAonderful and D /F#such a good FaGther