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This Is What You Do

This Is What You Do
William Matthews
For the Sake of the World

Key of G



Verse 1

It’s always like Emspringtime with CYou
Making Gall things Dnew
Your light is Embreaking Cthrough the GdarkD
This love it is Emsweeter than Cwine
Bringing Gjoy, bringing Dlife
Your hope is Emrising Clike the Gdawn D


G /BThis is what You do
CThis is what You Ddo
You make me come alive

Bridge 1

CYou make me come Dalive
You make me come Calive
You make me come Dalive


Am G/B C D

Bridge 2

It’s like I’m G /Bliving for the first timeC
Finally Dliving for the first time