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Get Your Hopes Up

Get Your Hopes Up
The War Is Over

I see the sDun waking up the mGorning
RevAiving dreams
I feel the wDind on my back with proGmise
RemAinding me

There’s a gBmarment of praise for heGaviness
There’s aA new song burning inside my chest
BmI’m living in the gooGdness that He briAngs

DGet you hopes up
GLift your head up
ALet your faith arise
D /F#Get your hopes up
GOur God is for us
AHe’s brought us back to life

DChrist befoGre me, ChBmrist behAind me
D /F#I am firGmly heldA
DIn His mGercy, neBmver-eAnding
D /F#I’ll remiGnd myselfA