After All These Years

Verse 1
I Cmget caught B♭up
In Gmall these Fpetty E♭things
Losing Cmsight of what B♭matters to FYou
But Cmthen You B♭come
And Gmtake me Fby the E♭hand
You say, Cm“Come up B♭here with Fme”

And E♭then my feet came off the ground
You Flifted me above the clouds
As I B♭ /Dlook down the whole world seems so E♭small
E♭Past the stars through space and time
And FI forget what’s left behind
As I’mB♭ /Dsurrounded by these granderE♭ things
Up E♭here in perfect harmony
You’re Forchestrating galaxies
They’re B♭ /Dlighting up as fas as I canE♭ see
The majestyE♭    F    B♭ /D    E♭
The mysteryE♭    F    B♭ /D    E♭

Verse 2
Your CmgravityB♭
GmPulls me Fclose to E♭You
And I Cmcan B♭breathe Fagain
CmHere with B♭You
There’s Gmnothing Fmore to E♭say
And it’s Cmclear what B♭matters to FYou

GmHigh Fabove it E♭all
CmSoverB♭eign You Fare
ICm can B♭rest
‘Cause Gmit’s all Fin Your E♭hands
CmSovereB♭ign You Fare