Here Is Love
Here is Love

Key of F


F B♭ C/E F

Verse 1

Here is Flove, vast as the B♭ocean
Loving Fkindness as the Cflood
When the Fprince of life, our B♭ransom
Shed for Fus his Cprecious Fblood


Who his Flove will not Cremember
Who can Gmcease to sing his Fpraise
He will Dmnever be B♭forgotten
Throughout Fheavens Ceternal Fdays

Verse 2

On the Fmount of B♭crucifixion
Fountains Fopened deep and Cwide
Through the Ffloodgates of God’s B♭mercy
Flowed a Fvast and Cgracious Ftide

Chorus 2

Grace and Flove like mighty Crivers
Poured Gmincessant from Fabove
And heavens Dmpeace and perfect B♭justice
Kissed a Fguilty Cworld in Flove

Verse 3

Let me Fall Thy love B♭accepting
Love Thee, Fever all my Cday
Let me Fseek Thy kingdom B♭only
And my Flife be Cto Thy Fpraise

Chorus 3

Thou Falone shall be my Cglory
Nothing Gmin the world I Fsee
Thou has Dmcleansed and sanctified B♭me
Thou FThyself hast Cset me Ffree