King of Wonders
Chris Quilala
Here is Love

Key of F

Verse 1

B♭We could try to F /Acount the stars
B♭ /DYou already E♭know them each by B♭name F/A B♭/D E♭

GmEvery single F /Agalaxy
Is B♭ /DYour design In E♭majesty Gmdisplayed F/A B♭/D E♭


Your glory Cmshines before our B♭eyes
The more we E♭see, the more we Gmlove F /AYou


B♭King of wonders, we stand amazed
E♭There’s no other, other than You
GmKing of wonders, You know the way to our E♭hearts
E♭And the more we see, the more we love GmYou B♭ B♭/D

Verse 2

B♭You reveal andF /Awe respond
B♭ /DYou have shown there’sE♭no one like YouB♭God F/A B♭/D E♭
GmYour love and mercyF /Awelcome us
B♭ /DInto the beautyE♭of thisGmholiness F/A B♭/D E♭