Hope Is Alive
Where His Light Was

Hope is Alive

Kristene DiMarco, Brian Johnson, Matt Hammitt, Bill Johnson, and Sean Feucht


Verse 1

The Son of God hung on the cross

The day was dark and all felt lost

But stirring underneath the surface

The Lamb of God fighting for us



Hope is alive today, He is alive today

The stone was rolled away

Death defeated in His grave

Hope is alive today, He is alive today

No matter what we face

We overcome in Jesus’ name


Verse 2

He was buried on that day

In tombs where heroes are forgotten

The Earth realized

It could not hold Him

This was more than just a man



Eternal life You gave us

Your great revenge upon all darkness

Through the sacred blood of Jesus

We’ve become Your rightousness

I can hear the angels

Joining in our anthem

With all the hosts of Heaven

We shout the victory is won

Oh the victory is won


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