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House Of Miracles (Prayer)

House Of Miracles (Prayer)
Brandon Lake
House Of Miracles: Live



While we’re in this moment

God has taught me a lot about miracles

And that He is still moving, and still healing, and still resurrecting

And I didn’t want this moment to pass by and not take this opportunity

And so I’ve invited my friend Joshua Silverberg up to the stage

I want him to pray over us

Whether you’re here in the room or you’re listening

I believe that God’s gonna heal so many people

And this is gonna happen years and years to come as people watch this

You’re gonna be healed

You’re listening to this maybe even in your room and you’re gonna be set free and you’re gonna be healed

And we even have a testimony

Joshua’s become a great friend and how I met you was through Micah back here playing guitar Absolutely slaying it

But Micah had a disease for about four or five years that they couldn’t figure out what it was

I remember bro, just you being laid out on the floor, I remember you telling me “I don’t know if I’m gonna wake up tomorrow”

And we prayed over Micah what seemed like a million times

And all of a sudden this stranger, but brother in Christ calls Micah on the phone

In a matter of minutes and continuing to pray, something broke

And electricity hit Micah in the top of his head and went through his body and delivered him from that disease

So that testimony is in the room and that testimony is going out right now

So I’ve asked Josh to come pray for us as we have this holy moment where people are gonna be healed, delivered, and set free



We just thank you Jesus right now that that testimony is actually himself

That testimony is You Jesus

You are in this room

Not the theory of you, not an idea of you, but You are actually in this room

Holy Spirit come and illuminate our eyes to see You

None of us would doubt for a second if Jesus, if you saw Him with your eyes that you wouldn’t be delivered in the spot

But I’m telling you right now that He is here

Holy Spirit come right now, illuminate our eyes to Jesus

What are you carrying that He said, “Cast it on me?”

What are you believing that is opposite of His love for you in this moment?

I speak to every lie in the mighty name of Jesus, bow

Everything that’s contrary to the love of Jesus Christ for you in this moment we say get out

Earlier in worship, I saw Jesus come in here

I don’t care if some people don’t get that

The best way I can describe it is this

If you were standing in your house and you heard footsteps come up behind you and you knew who it was

Jesus is in this place

He’s already touching people right now

He’s already healing you, you’re being set free right now in the in the mighty name of Jesus

Thank you Father, thank you Jesus

Wow, some people are being really delivered right now

Mental illness is leaving, brain injury is leaving right now

In this moment the way that you think, thought patterns are being rearranged to the image of Christ

Right now, in the mighty name of Jesus, soul wounds fractured, places where you feel fractured

The hand of God is touching them right now

No one can heal the soul but Jesus Christ, His hand is on your soul right now

Thank you Father

From the top of your head to the soles of your feet, we declare you’re healed and whole in the mighty name of Jesus

Every affliction, come off

Every sickness, come out

All of it, it doesn’t matter what it is

Tumors we command you to dissolve right now in the name of Jesus

Rise up from that bed of sickness in the mighty name of Jesus

Every sickness go, be healed, be made whole in Jesus name

In Jesus name, His hand is upon you, He loves you, He is for you

And above it all, I just pray for a revelation of Jesus Christ to stay with you from this moment

To know that He never leaves, not for a second, it’s impossible

So the last time we just say in the mighty name of Jesus, be healed, be made whole, be delivered, all of it

It doesn’t matter what it is, Jesus defeated it on the cross

In the mighty name of Jesus

So wherever you are in your room, wherever you are watching this later, wherever you are right here in this moment just begin to do something you can’t do because now you can

Many people already feel lighter, that’s the oppression of the ways of the world just lifting off of you

Start to move

You have a tumor in a spot? Press it right now

You have trouble thinking certain ways? You can’t see? Take out a Bible and start reading

Whatever it is, in the mighty name of Jesus, I declare blessing over your family, you are a house of miracles

I see ruins being restored

Every bit of division, we say fall now, in the mighty name of Jesus

Thank you, Father

We speak blessing into the home, peace into the home

You are a moving, breathing, house of miracles in the mighty name of Jesus, amen



Come alive in the name of Jesus

Come alive in the name of Jesus

This is a house of miracles

We bring everything to the feet of Jesus

Everything in the name of Jesus

This is a house of miracles