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I Just Want to Worship

I Just Want to Worship
Where His Light Was

I Just Want to Worship

Written by Kristene DiMarco, Matt Hammitt, Seth Mosley, and Jordan DiMarco


Verse 1

Here in this moment

When Heaven breaks through

I wanna stay here, forever with You

I am surrounded



I just wanna worship

It’s all I wanna do

Will You fully inhabit

The song I sing to You

I just wanna worship

Lift my hands to You

Fully present in this moment

Fully given to You


Verse 2

Drawn to the beauty

The glory of Your grace

I see perfection, when we’re face to face

I am surrounded



For this I have been made

Locked in Your embrace

Covered in Your majesty

Here I have no need

I am truly free

Everything as it should be


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