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I Need A Ghost (Live)

I Need A Ghost (Live)
Brandon Lake
House Of Miracles: Live


I don’t need the smoke or mirrors

‘Cause I know there’s a God who’s real

I don’t need the lights to fool me

‘Cause I have seen the God who heals



I know when I ask I’ll receive it

‘Cause You’re not a God who withholds

I hear You say just believe me



I need a Holy Ghost, awaken in my soul

I need a love that glows, rattling my bones till the evidence shows

I need a Holy Ghost, awaken in my soul

I need a heart on fire that’ll never grow tired wherever I go

I need a Holy, Holy Ghost, I need a Ghost

Holy, Holy, Ghost, I need a Ghost



I don’t need a counterfeit comfort

‘Cause nothing in this world remains

I need something stronger than lightning

Flowing inside of these veins



Gimme the real thing, you keep the counterfeits

Something that’s tailor-made, not something that kinda fits

Beatin’ on Heaven’s door until I encounter it

Somebody tell the Lord, get used to the sound of it


Hey, had to get my weight up, purpose wouldn’t wait up

Stuck between my flesh and my spirit, gotta stay prayed up

‘Cause the enemy doin’ the most

He better keep that same energy when we alone

‘Cause I refuse to be a enemy in my own home


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