I Won't Forget
After All These Years

Verse 1
I won’t Gmforget the Dmprice You paid
Though E♭death was mine, You B♭took my place
I won’t Gmforget the Dmsacrifice
For E♭to this love I B♭owe my life

Chorus 1
GmJesus,Dm      oh the E♭wonder of Your B♭name F /A
GmJesus,Dm      E♭I’m forever chB♭anged

Verse 2
You’ve Gmsearched my heart and Dmknow my ways
You’ve E♭held me in YourB♭ hands of grace
Now GmI have found my Dmpeace with God
A E♭refuge in my B♭Savior’s love

You came in the Gmnight and tore down the Dmwalls
That E♭held my broken hB♭eart F /A
When all I could Gmsee lay ruined and scaDmrred
E♭Your light shattered the B♭dark  F /A