Jesus Is Willing
Where His Light Was

Jesus Is Willing

Written by Kristene DiMarco, Tony Brown, Nate Moore, and Seth Mosley


Verse 1

So many hopes and dreams

I can think of a thousand things

That I am waiting for

That I’m still praying for

But that doesn’t compromise

You’re my hope and my hope’s alive

You will not leave me in need



Jesus is willing

Jesus is here now

Jesus won’t fail me

He doesn’t know how

Be thou my vision

When I see no way out

I have no doubt

You will make a way


Verse 2

In the middle of the mystery

Nothing’s clear like I’d hoped it’d be

I remember who You’ve always been to me

Always doing what You said You’d do

Every miracle goes to prove

You will not leave me in need



You are God

More than able

Ever faithful

Always good


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