Just Like Heaven
Brandon Lake
House Of Miracles

Verse 1

Isn’t it just like Heaven

When You walk into the room

There’s not a thing that’s hidden

When every eye is on You

Can’t get enough of Your presence

It’s the perfect point of view

Isn’t it just like, just like

Just like Heaven



Ooh, come a little closer, stay a little longer

Ooh, I can’t get enough of You


Verse 2

Doesn’t it sound like Heaven

When You’re singing over me

There’s not a voice more constant

Your melodies they never cease

Here I will stand in Your presence

In my true identity

Doesn’t it sound like, yeah it sounds like

Just like Heaven



Holy, You are holy

You’re such a perfect Father

I’ll worship You forever

Holy, You are holy

I’ll lay down any treasure

For us to be together



I can’t get enough

I can’t get enough


I can’t get enough of You

I can’t get enough of You


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