Lorelai’s Song
The Field

I will find you in the madness

I will find you in the dark

Reach beyond the circle sadness

Lighten up your heavy heart


I hope you always know

That someone out there will not stop

Til there’s peace in all the places

Where you wrestle anxious thoughts


Ooh, ooh


And if everyone was safe at home

I’d still go out for you

Fear would have you live in darkness

Daughter I will see you through


May you find peace in knowin’

I have left the ninety-nine

And I’m comin’ for you, darlin’

Rescue’s just beyond the night


Ooh, ooh


Look Me in the eye

Straight into the heart

Connect with Me until

You see your way out of the dark


Step out of the shadows

Color outside the lines

Dream with no one’s boundaries

Sing with your own rhymes


And even when you’re weak

And lost inside your head

I’ve calmed the storm before

And I will do it all again

Ooh (I’ll do it all again)



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