I Will Stay
Love Came Down

Key of C


CI will Dstay here with EmYou
CAnd watch the D /Bworld go Emby
CIn this Dmoment with Emyou
For the Am7rest of Emtime

CAll my Dlife here with Emyou
CMeans D /Bmore to you than Emanything
CWasting Dtime spent with Emyou
Is Am7everythingEm

Chorus 1

Am7I G/Bwill Cwait
Am7Until G /Bwe Cpass Dthrough
The Am7door G /Bthat Cleads Dme Emhome

Am7I G/Bwill Cstay
By Am7you G /Bfor – C Dever
Your Am7love G /Bhas Cmade Dus Emone

Chorus 2

EmPassing Dtime with Bmyou CJesus
I will Emspend my Dlife on Bmyou, on Cyou
Pouring Emout my Dlove for Bmyou CJesus
I will Emgive it Dall to Bmbe with Cyou