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Show Me Your Face

Show Me Your Face
Love Came Down

Key of D


DShow me Your Gface, F#mLord
BmShow me Your face
EmThen gird Aup my legs
That I might Dstand in this holy place

DShow me GYour face, F#mLord
BmYour Bm /Apower and Ggrace
EmI could A7susmake it A7through the Gend
If I could just see your face


DMoses Astood on the Gmountain
AWaiting for You to pass by
DYou put Ayour hand Gover his face
ASo in Your presence he wouldn’t die.
GAll of Israel F#msaw Your Bmglory
And it Bm /Ashines down Gthrough the age
EmNow You’ve called A7susme to A7boldly seek Your Dface