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Mercy and Majesty

Mercy and Majesty
After All These Years

Verse 1
No Fmsweeter day, no D♭sweeter song
The A♭day I knew my E♭ /Gsins were gone
My Fmfailures and my D♭broken life
Were A♭washed in blood the E♭ /Gday You died

Your Fmmercy D♭and YourA♭ majE♭esty
AFmmazes D♭me, AA♭mazes E♭me
I D♭ /Fonce was blD♭ind but nA♭ow all I can seE♭e
Is YourFm mercyD♭ and YourE♭ majeA♭sty

Verse 2
The Fmcross of shame our D♭Savior bore
The A♭weight of sin is E♭ours no more
And Fmwhat appeared toD♭be defeat
Has A♭now become our E♭victory

And D♭what I was, I E♭am no more
FmAll my life surrendered, A♭All my life surrendered
To D♭You alone, I E♭owe it all
FmAll my life forever, A♭All my life foreverE♭ Yours