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Not Going Anywhere

Not Going Anywhere
Amanda Lindsey Cook
House on a Hill

Verse 1

It’s taken some convincing

That You are here to stay

It’s hard for me to trust that

Any love is safe


When promises are spoken

They always seem to break

But something here is different

This doesn’t feel the same



You’re not going anywhere

Not going anywhere

Not going anywhere


Verse 2

I told You every secret

You didn’t turn away

You’re strong to hold the carnage

Of a million real mistakes


Only one of us is perfect

But You’re not keeping score

Yeah something here is different

I’ve never been here before

Never been here before



You won’t leave when what You see is still a mess

You won’t leave when fear is standing on my chest

You won’t leave when pride is swimming in my head

You won’t leave when I am falling, You’re the net



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