O Holy Night
Bethel Music Kids
Bethel Music Kids: Christmas Party

Verse 1
A♭O Holy Night, the sD♭tars are brightly A♭shining
It is the A♭night of our dE♭ear Savior’s bA♭irth
A♭Long lay the World, in D♭sin and error A♭pining
Til he appCmeared, and the sGmoul felt it’s wCmorth
A E♭thrill of hope, the A♭weary World rejoices
For E♭yonder breaks a A♭new and glorious morn

FmFall on your E♭ /Cknees
O B♭mhear the angel vFmoices
O A♭nightE♭ divine,A♭ D♭
O A♭nightE♭ when Christ was bA♭orn
O E♭ divine,A♭ /C O D♭night,A♭ E♭O night divA♭ine

Verse 2
A♭Truly He taught us to lD♭ove one anoB♭ther
His law is A♭love and His E♭gospel is A♭peace
A♭Chains shall He break, for the sD♭lave is our A♭brother
And in His Cmname, all opA♭presion shall Cmcease
Sweet E♭hymns of joy, in A♭grateful chorus raise we
Let E♭all within us A♭praise His holy Name

OA♭susnight divineA♭