Empty My Soul
On the Shores

Verse 1

I Cfall on the floor Amdown at your Ffeet
I Cknow you want me here with my Amsuitcase full of Fneeds
COh my heart is heavy Amand my mind is Ffull
I Clet go of my pride and Am empty out my Fsoul


I let Cgo, ohhhhhhh F
Empty my Csoul, ohhhhhhh F

Verse 2

I Cpick up all my ashes Amand my tattered Frobes
I Cbury them in a sea of Amlove Fundescribable
You Cdrown me in forgiveness, you Amfill my lungs with Fhope
For the Cfirst time in my life I Amreally let Fgo


It’s a Amlove undescribable F