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Jeremy Riddle


Written by Ran Jackson, Jess Cates, and Anthony Skinner


Verse 1

I was a prisoner, till You broke the door down

You freed me, oh You freed me

I was in darkness, till You turned the lights on

You found me, first You found me


I was lifeless, till You laid Your life down

You loved me, first You loved me

I was joyless, till You put Your song in me

Now I’m singing, always singing



You’re all that I want

You’re all that I’ve ever needed

This unthinkable love poured out on me

It’s overwhelming


Verse 2

No longer broken, You picked up the pieces

You healed me, oh You healed me

And I can’t be quiet, Your Spirit is alive in me

Now I’m singing, always singing



I’m wide awake, wide awake in wonder

I can’t escape, can’t escape Your great love

I’m wide awake, wide awake in Your presence

It’s overwhelming, it’s overwhelming



You take this heart of stone

And make it beat again

You take my dry bones

And breathe Your life in


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