Blackout - Steffany Gretzinger
Save Me
Steffany Gretzinger

Save Me

Written by Steffany Gretzinger, Amanda Cook, and John David Gravitt


Verse 1

I tried to be the hero for a day

But all my super powers failed to save

So I turned in my ego and my cape

I was made to fly, but not this way



It all starts with breathing You in

Breathing You in


I’ve been drowning under my skin

No one but You can save me


Verse 2

My weakness is my honor not my shame

Leaning is my portion not my pain

I was frantic till You changed the pace

You won’t give me more than I can take



You’re my hero

You’re the only One

Who is strong enough

You’re my hero

You always pick me up

Before I self destruct