Beautiful Surrender

Verse 1
I cliGmb up high abD /F#ove the tree line
Em‘Cause I want to see YourD /F#face
The Gmountains high and theD /F#valleys deep
But You’re Emwaiting there in the cleD /F#aring
With fire in Your eGyes

Verse 2
You wGash me clean with cleD /F#ar, bright water
EmRunning down myD /F#soul
You clGothe me in the oilD /F#of laughter
EmAnd joy begins to take conD /F#trol
Like fire in Your eyeGs

CStrength, You give me strenDgth
You lift my weEmary heart, You’re the fireD /F#in my veGins
CStrength, You give me streDngth
You raise me Emup again, I will nevD /F#er be the saGme

GYou, God, never grow tired or faintD /F#
You’re never gonna change the Emway
You lDove me Jesus
GYour love knows no height or depD /F#th
It knows no length or widEmth
And it’s chDanging me (agD /F#ain)

Strength Spontaneous
GI see You on the crD /F#oss, I Emsee You in the graD /F#ve
I see the pain and tears, that You freely gave
I see You standing up, I hear You call my name
I see the fire in Your eyes, I’ll never be the same