The Gospel
Beautiful Surrender

Verse 1
A♭I heard a melody
D♭That amazing grace can save
A♭It doesn’t matter what I’ve done
D♭I’ve been washed in mercy’s waves

And they sFmay that love only coE♭ /Gmes to those who desA♭erve it
And forFmgiveness onlyE♭ /Gcomes when you can eA♭arn it
But wD♭hat do they kE♭now about gracA♭e

I’ve been sD♭aved by a loA♭ve
That hE♭ung on a crA♭oss
It’s the goD♭spel of JeFmsus
That reE♭scues us

Verse 2
A♭Where are my accusers now?
D♭All I see is You and smile
A♭You don’t have a stone in Your hand
D♭All You have are these scars of redemption

A♭Oh, the arms of lE♭ove, they fly fD♭aster than I can A♭fall
A♭Oh, the arms of lE♭ove, they’re in thisD♭ room holding us