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One Thing Remains

One Thing Remains
The Loft Sessions

Key of C


Bm G A/C#


FHigher than the Cmountains that I Gface
FStronger than the Cpower of the Ggrave
FConstant in the Ctrial and the Gchange
One F Cthing Gremains


Your Amlove never fails, F /Anever gives up
C /Gnever runs out on Gme

Verse 2

FOn and on and Con and on it Ggoes
It Foverwhelms and Csatisfies my Gsoul
And I Fnever, ever, Chave to be Gafraid
One F Cthing Gremains (repeat)


In Fdeath, In Clife, I’m Gconfident and
DmCovered by, the Fpower of CYour great Glove
My Fdebt is Cpaid, there’s Gnothing that
Can Dmseparate my Fheart from CYour great Glove