You Have Won Me
The Loft Sessions

Key of A


D A/C# E

Verse 1

F#mGrace, You’ve shown me Dgrace
You’ve lifted my Ashame
Drawn me with Eloving kindness
F#mWashed whiter than Dsnow
You have Aredeemed and made me Ewhole


DAJesus, You have Ewon me
You have F#mbroken every
DChain with Alove and Emercy
You have F#mtriumphed over
DDeath and AYou are Eworthy
Of glory and DAEpraise

Verse 2

F#mLove, You’ve shown me Dlove
By leaving Your Athrone
By bleeding and Edying on a F#mcross
That wonderful Dcross
That took all my Aguilt and sin Eaway


DShout it out and Alift up one Evoice in Bmworship
DSing it out Auntil all the Eearth can F#mhear it
DJesus is Aalive and He Esaves, He rescues and savesD A E