You Know Me
Steffany Gretzinger
The Loft Sessions

Key of D


You have Bmbeen A
And You will D /F#be G
You have Bmseen A
And You will D /F#see G


BmYou know Awhen I Grise and when I Bmfall
When I Acome or Ggo You see it Bmall
You Ahung the Gstars and you move the Asea
And still You know me


DWhoa oh oh oh Goh oh oh
D /F#oh oh Goh You know me (repeat)


D /F#Nothing is Ghidden from Your sight
D /F#Wherever I Ggo, You find me
D /F#You know every Gdetail of my life
D /FYou are GGod and You don’t miss a thing


Bm A GYou memorize me