The New Country
Amanda Lindsey Cook
House on a Hill

Verse 1

I’ve lived my life in the old country
Though not finding peace

My roots have grown deep

I’ve lived my life in the old country
Its joys and its pain

Don’t want me to leave

Verse 2
The place I have lived is not what it seems
The praises of man

Have put me to sleep


I want to know how it feels to be free
I’m not good at goodbyes

But I have to leave

Invited unto death
Till all that I have left
Is everything I need
And I begin to breathe



In the new country
In the new country

Verse 3
I want to live in this sacred space
Be present each moment

Each breath that I take

I want a love with nothing to gain
I’ve heard my beloved

Calling my name

So I will let go and take another step
Crossing the borderline

Till I find what’s next


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