Getting There
Steffany Gretzinger
The Undoing

Key of F

Verse 1

DmFurther seems Fforever
Until you’ve seenB♭, until you get there C
Until you Dmfeel a promise land C beneath your B♭feet

DmBut there’s a reason for the Fjourney
There is F /Apurpose in the B♭learning
That not Dmeverything in life C comes B♭naturally
No, not everything in life comes easily


We’re Dmgetting there F
We’re Bmdetermined to discover C
All that DmYou have hidden Ffor us
AlongB♭ the way C

We’re Dmgetting there F
And Your B♭presence is the Cpromise
There is nothingDm that can Fstop us
We’re B♭on our Cway

Verse 2

We’ve tasted Dm of Your goodness F
We know B♭that You are Cfor us
We can Dmhear the sound of CHeaven cheer us on B♭

Every dayDm begins with Fmercy
Every B♭moment filled with Cbeauty
Knowing DmYou have gone Cbefore us
We press B♭on
Knowing You believe in us
With confidence we run


We will Dmsee You Fin the landB♭ of the livingC
We will Dmfind You Cin the mysteryB♭ Gm
Your Dmpresence isF the joyB♭ set before Cus
For nowD and allC eternity B♭


DmWe won’t stop Frunning, running B♭
We won’t stop Ccoming after You