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There's No Other Name

There's No Other Name
Francesca Battistelli

Em     D /F#     G
Em     D /F#     G

Em     D     G
Em     D     G

Verse 1

Your Emsinging moves and sDhakes the gGround
Your Embeckon brings the rDain in dGrought
Your Emglory spins the eDarth aGround
Your Emwhisper makes your fire fDall dGown

Pre Chorus
AmThere’s no other naCme
The Emname that stands thDrough the ages

GThere’s no other name
CThere’s no other name like EmYours
Jesus, like YCours Jesus

Verse 2
Your Emword commands the wDind and wGaves
Your Emtouch revives the sDick and lGame
Your Empower wakes the dDead aGgain
Your Emlove destroys the Dgrip of sGin
Your Emlove destroys the D /F#grip Gof sCin

EmEvery knee will bow
CEvery tongue confess
The NGame of JDesus