William Matthews

Key of C


C G# Fm C x2

Verse 1

FCome let us Csee our Lord and AmKing
He’s reigning in Gglory
FLift up your Ceyes, all earth and Amskies
His kingdom is Gcoming

Pre Chorus

AmFrom glory Cto glory
FWe will G#arrive

Chorus 1

CWe will ascend the Fhill of the Lord
AmWe will declare His Fholy word
With Amclean hands and pure Fhearts
With Cclean hands and pure Ghearts
We will see CGod

Verse 2

FWe fix our Ceyes, we give our Amlives
Our hope is in GHeaven
FSo let us Crun, we have Amovercome
Now and Gforever


AmWhen we see Him G#we’ll be like CHim
B♭Face to face we’ll Fknow what love Cis
(Last time before chorus G#)