Key of A

Verse 1

AThe moon and stars they Ewept
The morning sun was F#mdead
The Savior of the Dworld was fallenA
His body on the Ecross
His blood poured out for F#mus
The weight of every Dcurse upon Him


A E Bm D

Verse 2

AOne final breathe He Egave
As heaven looked F#maway
The Son of God was Dlaid in darknessA
A battle in the Egrave
The war on death was F#mwaged
The power of hell Dforever broken

Pre Chorus

AThe ground began to Eshake
The stone was rolled F#maway
His perfect love could Dnot be overcomeA
Now death where is your Esting?
Our resurrected F#mKing has rendered you Ddefeated


AForever He is Eglorified
F#mForever He is Dlifted high
AForever He is Erisen
He is F#malive, He is Dalive


A E F#m D A E F#m D


AWe sing EHallelujah
We sing F#m – Hallelujah(Last time Bm)
We sing DHallelujah
The Lamb has Aovercome


A E F#m D A E F#m D A