Breaking Through
Jeremy Riddle
Tides Live

Key of C


C F Dm Am C F Dm F
Am C G Dm Am C G F

Verse 1

Your love is like a Amsunrise
Shattering the Fdark of night
Your presence is a Cparadise, to our Ghearts
You’re filling all the Amworld with light
You’re making every Fwrong thing right
You’re waking up the Cdead to life, with Your Glove


God You’re always Cbreaking through the Fdark
Breaking into Dmlives and healing Amhearts
Your love has torn the Cveil
Your love can never Ffail
Your love is making Dmall things Fnew


Am C G Dm Am C G F

Chord Slams Before Bridge

Am C F C Dm G F F C
(ring out)

Verse 2

Your love is an eternal Amfire
A jealous and a Fpure desire
Strong enough to be the Csacrifice, that set us Gfree
You have taken all our Amsins away
You have risen and You’ve Fwon the day
You have broken every Cbond and chain, in Your Glove


So we Clift up one voice, we lift up a voice
We sing and we shout for joy
For Cnow we are Yours, yes Amour hearts are Yours
You’ve Gransomed us with Your Dmblood F


C F Dm Am C F Dm F
End on C