Key of D

Verse 1

DI D(4)love this Dplace my D2God
DMy heart D(4)aches, my Dspirit groans
DWith these D(4)words only Dyou would D2know
G9 /BThis is my D5 /C#home

Verse 2

Hear I’ve seen your face my God
And I’ve come to love/know the way you are
Cause with you all my cries are known
This is my home (2x)

Verse 3

I hear instruments prophesy
Of this coming move of yours
And you’ve heard our prayers and cries

And your G9 /Bwaiting hear for me to D5 /C#come
Cause this is my Dhome (2x)


G9 /BThis is my homeD5/C# D