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Revival Generation

Revival Generation

Key of G

Verse 1

BmI heard an old man D2talking of a Gtime
That was long Em7ago he said
BmThe fires been D2dormant for a Gwhile
But Em7he was praying
BmAnd with this D2prayer my heart caught Gfire
And now it won’t Em7let go
BmCause I found the D2reason why I’m Galive

Verse 2

BmWere a new breed D2rising and we’re Gcoming
We’re gonna take a Em7stand
BmThere is a new D2passion Gburning
In our Em7hearts
BmA new love for D2Jesus a new Ghope
And a Em7vision
BmFor this D2revival here we Gare


Its revival time Em7 D/F# G
We are a revival Em7generationD/F# G
Its revival Em7time D/F# G
We are a revival Em7generationD/F# G

Verse 3

BmConsecrated D2is who we are its Gwho
We’re called to Em7be
BmWe’d rather see D2revival than build Gthese kingdoms
Of pride Em7and greed
BmFan D2into flame this Grevival fire
Em7Let it burn
BmCrush your D2children until our Ghearts are inflamed