Reckless Love - Cory Asbury
Water and Dust
Cory Asbury
Reckless Love

Water and Dust

Written by Cory Asbury


Verse 1

One part water and one part dust

Yet You’re still making trophies out of us

Making something out of nothing, it’s what You do

Yet Your work is never finished and it’s never past due



Gently Your voice like a calming embrace

Calls me from out of the noise

You whisper to me, “Child, forget not your dreams”

As we lie awake in the dark

Just don’t lose heart


Verse 2

From the dirt to a throne with a brand new name

And the blood of the King running through our veins

There’s hidden gold in these jars of clay

All these hidden crowns will be revealed one day

Yeah we’ll lay them down at Your feet one day



Don’t lose heart

He’s got your hand

Don’t lose heart

He knows your name

When everything is falling apart

Don’t lose heart