All My Worship
We Believe

Key of E


EI’ve come A /C#here again
To Bsusmeet you in this Eplace
ENot just to A /C#sing aloud
These Bsussongs that give you Epraise


But I’ve F#m7come this Etime
To Bsusbring you something Epure/real
And I’ve F#m7come here Enow
To Bsusbring you B7something (all my Eworship)


All of Ame I Bsussurrender
F#m7Everything to E /G#you
All I Aam and all that BsusI am to Ebecome

Chorus 2

All my Aworship All my Bsuspraise
All my F#m7love to you I E /G#give
All my Alife and all my E /G#dreams
I F#m7surrender (all my Eworship)
all my Aworship all my F#m7worship E